Monday, 19 March 2007

My Google colleague in the Philippines

Among the many reasons why I started blogging, one of them is because of my colleague Aileen Apolo. Like me, she works for Google as well in a similar capacity - the only difference is that she is based in the Philippines. Reading her blog just made me want to blog as well and I also think it's a great way to reach out to people, overcoming physical and time boundaries.

She writes a pretty active blog, although I constantly wonder where she gets the time to do all this, on top of our hectic schedules! I'm impressed. Anyway, check out her blog here. She's got lots of tips on all things Google-related, marketing insights and lots more. Plus she's had a head-start for some time now, so I need to catch up quick... ;-P

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Achtung!! Zis is ze Google Zeitgeist!

Many people have asked me about the most popular Google-search queries in Malaysia, not knowing that Google actually publishes this on the open-Internet.

Google Zeitgeist is a published list that highlights the fastest growing seach terms that users search for. Google publishes this for the US as well as many other countries where Google has a local-domain presence and has local expertise to manage and decipher the queries. Whilst the list for the US highlights the fastest growing search queries, other markets generally feature the most frequently searched terms.

The findings can be a bit surprising for some (and sometimes a bit weird too...); check these out:

Zeitgeist for the US: Click here
Zeitgeist for Malaysia: here and also other countries here


Saturday, 17 March 2007

Google is hiring in Singapore!

Hey, for those of you who live in the ASEAN region - if you've wanted to join a company like Google but never applied because you didn't fancy leaving your gf/bf/wife/husband/dog to go to the US, or they didn't feel like relocating, well you can now apply to join Google in Singapore!

(ok, you may still have to leave your gf/bf/wife/husband/dog/goat to go to Sg if you're coming from a neighbouring country - and if they're not keen on relocating, but at least the trip is not as far and you can always make a weekend trip back. Plus the shopping is good in Singapore....)

On a more serious note though (;-)), Google is looking for the best and brightest to join our ASEAN operations in Singapore and for sure, it will be a great and dynamic team you will be joining.

For specific details about the work scope and the qualifications required, refer below but in terms of language skills, we are looking for people competent in Chinese, Malay, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese languages.

Check out these links:

AdWords Account Coordinator (based in Singapore)

AdWords Associate (based in Singapore)
(This is a slightly more senior position to the first one)

Google was also recently voted as the company most people want to work for by Fortune magazine (US), see the video clip here.

Nuff' said - it's a good company, you're a great person. It's a match made in heaven, so go for it!

Friday, 16 March 2007

First posting!! Hey hey!!

Hi everyone. First time posting a blog item for me! It's quite un-nerving really but I guess it gets better with time. I mean, people like Jeff Ooi, Kenny Sia and even 18-year old blog-o-genius Su Ann aka Pink Pau, they blog like they're breathing or something. Or in between waiting for the commercial break to be over, they blog an entry...having said that that though, it's actually been something that I've wanted to do for a long time now and it finally took my job to coerce me to do this.

I basically work for Google and I'm based in Malaysia as their Country Consultant for Malaysia. Heh. So what does that mean or entail?

Does Google consult me? Do advertising clients consult me? Heh, or does the Country consult me? :-)

Actually I do quite a few things but most of the time I spend working with Google to ensure that the local user-experience - across the many Google products, is a good one and that entails being responsive to user-feedback and market preferences and being open to not just praises yada-yada but also constructive criticism and suggestions. So bring on your comments!

I also work with advertisers in Malaysia - both current and future Google clients, to build up their knowledge about, and also promote, Search-Engine Marketing (or Advertising) and specifically, Google's AdWords and AdSense programmes. Wanna know more about these programmes - check out the link to AdWords here and for AdSense, refer here.

Anyway, lot's more in due time. Watch this space.... blogger virgin no more!! ;-P